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The summer holiday is over in most of the German states, as well as in Haiti: A new school year is starting! Unfortunately, many children in Haiti cannot go to school, as most schools demand a tuition and school clothes are mandatory. Not all families can afford these expenses. For this reason, education in our partner schools of St. Emma and St. Nicolas is free of charge to give all children the opportunity to learn to read, write and calculate. However, there are still large expenditures for each child; e. g. for school clothes or basic equipment on paper and pens. Overall, such a school starter set costs about 65 euros.

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This year we would like to ask you at the beginning of the school to help the children in St. Emma and St. Nicolas to have a great start to the new school year. We have set up an extra donation page on the portal Global Giving, where you can donate especially for this purpose between September 9th and 27th, 2019! Our goal is to raise a minimum of 5,000 euros for the school starter sets to help the poorest families at the beginning of school. Every amount helps to reach our goal!

Here you can contribute directly between September 9th and 27th:
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A great idea, how many small amounts can be a great contribution to our students in Haiti comes from our supporter, Dr. Silke Seemann. Together with young people and teachers at her school in Freiburg she collected old, unused books and sold them on the book platform Momox. The proceeds were donated to our project in Haiti!

We got inspired by this great idea and collect your old books!
Come to us in the Betahaus Berlin and donate us your old books. If you have a large number, you can also send them directly to Momox or even pick them up!