Every other year, when the political situation permits it, we aim to visit our students in St. Emma and St. Nicolas with a group of volunteers from PEN PAPER PEACE e.V.
Our last visit was in 2015, where we started our trip with a special occasion: the ceremonial opening of St. Nicolas and St. Emma. The schools had been destroyed in a large earthquake in 2010, so we had to construct new, disaster resistant building. (You can read more about the reconstruction on our “Milestones” page.)

The Opening Ceremony (Saint Nicolas, 21.09.2015)
The school benches seem to have many small hands and feet as they come on to the schoolyard. 300 children take their seats and wait for the ceremony to start. Everyone have come for the occasion: the school committee, parents, representatives of the organizations St. Luc and nph haiti, in whose network the two schools are embedded. The speeches of appreciation are touching. Some children perform a theatrical sketch, others a dance to a Haitian pop song.

The engineer responsible for the new schools is also present and receives great applause. The new school looks so beautiful, much prettier than the makeshift shacks where lessons were held after the earthquake. The move to the new buildings affects the self-esteem of every schoolchild. "Who wants to become an engineer later and build such a school?", the director asks. Many hands lift up. We are glad they will have the choice.

What we dream of for the future?
Lunch for all the children, which is cooked in the new kitchen, and to be able to fill up both libraries.
We have been able to observe the positive effects access to education can have on children, their families and the Haitian community. We all can help the Haitians reconstruct their country and support their ability to be responsible for their own futures.