SCHOOLS FOR HAITI – getting closer to our goal one step at a time since 2008

In the middle of the disadvantaged district of Wharf Jérémie stood our two schools: brick rooms, each offering space for 300 children. Even though it was cramped, the children proudly wore their school uniforms and backpacks, as for many of them, these were their first possessions. But in the devastating quake in January 2010, one of the two schools was completely destroyed; the other was heavily damaged.

Much has happened since then. Together with our partners and supporters on site and in Germany, we have been able to accomplish a lot. We have reconstructed the schools, installed drinking fountains and already introduced the first exchanges between German and Haitian students. We are so gratful for all the support we have been able to give to the children of St. Emma and St. Nicolas. We have been able to get closer to our goal one step at a time, improving education in Haiti in a sustainable way and giving the students at our schools better chances at their own future.

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