We basically owe the Honduras trip to the vision and endurance of a very special person!PPP Hon Logo Three years ago, we were contacted by Juan Jose A., a young lawyer from Honduras who is working with two projects to achieve more justice in his country and to improve the situation for socially disadvantaged people.

Juan invited us to visit him in Honduras and get to know the country and its people. Thanks to Juan's invitation and our flight partner Condor, we were able to start the trip in May 2017 without having to spend any donations. Grateful for the free flights from Condor, we made several stopovers (the airline does not fly directly to Honduras) and arrived in Tegucigalpa after 20 hours of travel. The flight time was almost longer than the stay, but we, Milena, Luca and Alissa, were happy about the chance to get to know inspiring people and projects.

Honduras is a great country, with very warm people and an impressively beautiful nature. We have seen a lot of poverty, but also met many committed people who are working towards eliminating it with their projects .

One of these projects was, for example, the kindergarten "Pasos Pequenitos" ("Small Steps") of our long-time partner nph. The kindergarten enables young single mothers to work, study or complete an apprenticeship and offers their children a free and safe second home during this time. It was wonderful to see how lovingly the caregivers take care of the children.

Another great program in the nph children's village is the work with adolescents in the "Talleres" (workshops). There are various offers, such as vocational training in hairdressing, sewing and carpentry, where the adolescents spend their afternoons. It is looked at individually how much time each of them should spend in training and how much in school. The training itself is also very individualised in the different stages, in order to reach and support each adolescent appropriately.

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