The first German-Haitian e-mail exchange

In January 2018 our project "Mail pou ou!" started, which is creyol for "e-mail for you! In the future, pupils from Germany and Haiti will be able to get in direct contact with each other in a French-speaking e-mail exchange and learn from each other at eye level.

The aim of the project is to create creative spaces for encounters between German and Haitian children and to open up new perspectives on global connections and their own options for action. Applied language and computer skills round off the learning experience for the participants.

Pedagogical support by PEN PAPER PEACE e.V.

Within the framework of the project, German and Haitian teachers work with a pedagogical guideline that was developed by PEN PAPER PEACE e.V.. The workbook offers
- an introduction to Global Learning
- a checklist for a successful, binational writing exchange
- an overview of possible topics based on the French framework curriculum
- background information on Germany and Haiti
- concrete exercises and reasons for writing
- tasks of reflection to question one's own perspectives and to extend it to a global perspective

The pedagogical support and coordination of the e-mail exchange by PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. is guaranteed. At the same time, there is the possibility of dealing with our teaching series on Haitian history in greater depth in the classroom in order to provide more background knowledge. More information about the modules can be found here.

The Haitian partner schools

The exchange takes place with our two partner schools, St. Emma and St. Nicolas in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. In both schools, a small computer lab will be set up for the project and a computer teacher will be hired to teach computer literacy on a half-day basis at both schools. Therefore, for the Haitian participants, participation in the project thus means a considerable improvement in their future work prospects.

Support of the project

Two thirds of the exchange project is funded by the Skala initiative. In 2017, a total of 1,866 project proposals were received by the Skala Initiative throughout Germany. We were able to convince and are among the less than 10% who have received a funding!

In order to send video messages or picture attachments, an Internet connection is required, which is currently not covered by the project. Only with an internet contract can larger amounts of data be sent and the exchange of information be made more lively. In Haiti, an Internet contract currently costs USD 3,600 per year for a school, i.e. more than a full-time salary for a teacher per year.