What do we do with your donations?

PEN PAPER PEACE is a registered non-profit organization under German law. Donations qualify for a tax deduction under German tax statutes. If you need a receipt for that purpose, please note your address with your donation. In order to minimize administrative costs, we will provide you with all receipts for your donations at the beginning of each calendar year.

Donate to our campaign SCHOOLS FOR HAITI

By giving to SCHOOLS FOR HAITI you ensure the maintenance and operation of our existing schools and allow us to expand our program and build more schools.

Please donate to:

IBAN: DE32 4306 0967 1126 1134 00
Institute: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank

If you want to support our work in general and further projects which are in planning stage, feel free specify "PEN PAPER PEACE" within the reference line.

Your regular donation - becoming supporting member of PEN PAPER PEACE

You can also become a supporting member of PEN PAPER PEACE by writing us an email at info(at)pen-paper-peace.org, declaring your will to join as supporting member. You'll receive the membership form immediately.
Regular donations are especially important to us, since they allow us reliable planning. With a monthly donation of 10 EUR (5 EUR for Students and Retirees, 1 EUR for K-12 students) you become a supporting member. Supporting members get regular updates about our activities and can take part in the organizations' activities. Those who donate more than 500 EUR are prominently mentioned on our website.