FOTOAUTOMAT BERLIN enables great learning moments at the Berlin Photo Week!

For our booth at the Berlin Photo Week 2019 the team of Fotoautomat Berlin spontaneously agreed to sponsor a photo booth for the good cause. We had a chance to ask approximately 20,000 visitors: "What did you learn last?" and at the same time show the varied and funny answers from German and Haitian children. Thank you very much for the wonderful support!


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Since 2020 Daniel Baum from dico Design has been a great support for beautiful websites and designs. They give the new learning platform a modern and appealing appearance in order to inspire even more people for Global Learning using the example of the history of Haiti. His motivation for helping out:
You want to be happy in life,
...contribute to others' happiness.
Because the love we give,
returns to his own heart. - Goethe

"A society can only exist when people help other people unselfishly." Thank you very much for joining PEN PAPER PEACE!


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With LASERLINE we have a reliable partner at our side!

Our printing partner, the LASERLINE Druckzentrum Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, knows that education creates opportunities and a good school education lays the foundation for a successful future. For LASERLINE, the subject of education is not just a word, but a mission that the Berlin printing centre faces up to anew every day. Since 2014 they have been supporting PEN PAPER PEACE as a sponsor. For 2016 they donated calendar boxes with impressive pictures of Haitian students from St. Emma and St. Nicolas. "Giving young people a chance for security, education and social interaction is very important to us. Therefore we are happy to make our contribution with the calendars to keep the school running". Julia Baehr, Project Manager Marketing


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All summer long Okercabana is collecting for PEN PAPER PEACE

The Kultur Manufaktur GmbH runs the beautiful beer garden and event location Okercabana in Braunschweig. Guests have the opportunity to avoid waiting lines when returning the deposit and instead throw their deposit receipt into a donation pot. What a great idea! Cheers!
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Condor makes our project visits to Haiti and Honduras possible!

"Condor has a long tradition with Haiti. Just a few days after the terrible earthquake in 2010, we took over the transport of relief supplies and continued this aid in the following years. So it was no doubt for us to support the project 'Schools for Haiti' of Pen Paper Peace e.V. already in 2013. Above all, our focus on education for children has led us to continue our commitment and this year we are again flying aid workers and relief supplies to Haiti. Condor continues its sustainable support for Haiti as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative 'ConTribute'. True to the motto, "We can and will help." Christiane Schneider, Consultant CSR/Marketing Condor Flugdienst GmbH

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Fitz+Skoglund Agents support PEN PAPER PEACE

"In our work as agents for actors and directors we deal with stories, whether drama or comedy, on a daily basis. As is well known, life itself writes the most beautiful but unfortunately also the saddest stories, often with such intensity that if we were writing a script we would say: 'No, this is too much of a good thing. Or also: 'This is too much of evil, no man can have so much bad luck in his life. But we do know that it’s possible. Just like how people were affected by the devastating earthquake and its consequences in Haiti in 2010.

We know that education is the best way to fight poverty. Therefore, we support the work of PEN PAPER PEACE e.V. and SCHOOLS FOR HAITI with full conviction and admiration. May a drama one day become a story full of perspectives and dreams, so that we say: "The story is so beautiful - I listen to it and look at it several times.”

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Andreas Gölz, owner of the advertising agency Creastyle® from Mainz

"Since summer 2009 we have been involved in the project SCHOOLS FOR HAITI because we believe that we as citizens have the duty to help wherever it is appropriate. Nothing is more important than proactive help in building up solid structures in a country that was already struggling with an incredible number of problems before the big quake. Haiti needs our help!"