Our permanent partner for the realization of our projects in Haiti is nph Kinderhilfe Lateinamerika e. V., the German branch of the children’s aid-network nph. When Alissa Jung travelled to Haiti for the first time in 2008, she got in touch with nph as her two Patenkinder grow up in children’s villages run by the organization.

“nph” is an abbreviation for “nuestros pequeños hermanos”, which translates to ‘our small siblings’. The organization was founded by Padre William Wasson in Mexico in 1954. SInce then it has been dedicated to helping children in the poorest situations in Latinamerica, especially orphans and those without a safe place to live. nph haiti was established by the doctor and priest Richard Frechette in 1987.

Due to the vast hardship in the country, Frechette widely expanded the area of work in the country; today, the children’s village is only a small part of the whole nph Haiti operation. Together with young women and men, that have outgrown these villages, Frenchette founded the sister-organization “Fondation St. Luc” in 1999. This foundation, where the work is done 100% by Haitians, works mainly towards the expansion of medical and educational services for the country’s poor. St. Luc is also the main supporter of the two schools St. Emma and St. Nicolas, which PEN PAPER PEACE has been supporting since 2008.

Due to the lasting hardship in Haiti, the weakness of the state and civil society, and the frequent natural disasters, it is difficult to support Haitians from Germany. It is only possible for us to take responsibility for our projects in St. Emma and St. Nicolas through relying on our cooperation with a reliable and experienced partner.

Since the foundation of PEN PAPER PEACE, we have been working closely with nph Latin America. This way we can ensure that the donations made by our supporters arrive at their intended destination and can be put to the right use to help the children in Haiti.

nph Latin America has had the German „DZI-Spendensiegel“ since 1998. The „Deutsche Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen" (DZI) (translates to German central institution for social questions) confirms the transparent, purposeful and economical use of donations.

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